our core values

We believe that God intended us to be well. 

TAP into Life Health is a natural healthcare practice that is  committed to find effective ways of treating, restoring and maintaining the vital health and wellness the Creator intended us to have. We believe that by providing the body with what it needs, and removing what is harmful, the body will heal itself. We believe that ultimately, God is the source of all healing. 


We are committed to providing natural and preventative healthcare.

TAP into Life Health seeks to use alternative, non-toxic and non-invasive ways of treatment, to enable the body’s natural process to heal itself, addressing root causes of imbalance, not just relieving symptoms, although that is also important. We are committed to restoring “natural healthcare” as a credible and respected way of enabling people to enjoy health and wellness.


We are not against conventional medicine

Conventional medicine has an important place in saving lives, and has its place for treatment of some conditions. Nevertheless, we believe that following the natural life-supporting guidance, principles and procedures offered by God are the best means for avoiding and recovering from chronic illness and for maintaining lifelong robust health and well-being.


We treat each individual as a whole

True health is not just treating physical symptoms but is sustained wellness in mind, body, and spirit. We treat each person as an individual and provide a personalized plan to address their health goals. Arrangements can be made for emotional and health coaching to identify and remove blockages that prevent clients reaching their health goals.


We believe in a partnership approach between patient and practitioner.

An important part of holistic healthcare is having our clients truly invested in the process, recognizing that intention determines the path of healing. We aim to empower you to take control of your health needs and wellness. We provide information, understanding, resources, recommendations, and products to enable you to do this.


We are committed to continuous education, both for ourselves and our clients.

TAP into Life Health is committed to ongoing learning and application of best practices concerning testing, procedures and remedies.  We strive to continually expand our knowledge, and improve our processes, products and procedures.


We are committed to providing an excellent service.

We will continuously seek to serve our clients with respect, dignity and sensitivity. We care about you and wish to serve you to the best of our ability, offering a high level of customer service. We are licensed with the Pastoral Medical Association and adhere to their core beliefs and values.


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