Meet dr. trudy

Dr. Trudy Phelps obtained her Ph.D. in Biophysics at the Institute of Cancer Research in London, England. After several years of cancer research focused on toxicity in the intestines, she supervised the writing of international standards for medical devices on behalf of the British Standards Institution.
A number of years in the standards arena culminated in her appointment as Chairman of the European Healthcare Standards Advisory Board, Rapporteur for the Healthcare Sector of the European Standardization Organization (CEN), and Chairman of the European Committee for Standardization for Nanotechnologies.

Trudy emigrated to the US in 2008 and began to pursue an interest in natural health and energy medicine. In 2013 she became certified in the Meridian Stress Analysis technology, a type of bio-energetic testing using electro-dermal screening and established TAP Into Life Health LLC.


This was closely followed by certification as a Natural Health Professional, and more recently, as a Loomis Digestive Health Professional. Trudy is licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association.


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