Whole Body Bio-Energetic Evaluation

The Bio-Energetic technology has been developed to get to the root causes of imbalances and disturbances so that they can be corrected early on, enabling the body to heal itself. 

Hair, Nails & Saliva Evaluation

This evaluation uses a small sample of hair, nails and/or saliva to detect a wide variety of common health issues, disorders, and imbalances. It uses the same Bio-energetic technology as the Whole Body Evaluation, but it can be done remotely (client does not have to be present).

Loomis Digestive Health Assessment

The Digestive Health Assessment is based on the Loomis System developed by Dr. Howard Loomis at the Food Enzyme Institute and enables detailed assessment of the source of nutritional deficiencies and other symptoms resulting from an inadequate digestive system

Light and Sound Therapy

The Bio-diagnostic Energy Evaluation identifies the exact frequencies that are causing imbalances in the body. These custom frequencies are programmed into the Light and Sound frequency generating machine to bring the frequencies back into balance

PEMF Therapy

PEMF (Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field) Therapy opens the energy channels,  returning the body to the natural frequencies of the earth. This enables the cells to function the way they are supposed to. PEMF Therapy improves blood and lymphatic circulation, which increases oxygen, reduces pain, enhances healing of damaged tissue and improves energy.

LLL (LED) Therapy

Low Level Light (LED) Therapy uses light pads to increase circulation. This results in reduce swelling, inflammation, and pain. It is a natural remedy based on the particular healing wavelengths of the sun. 

Far Infrared Heat

Far Infrared heat is applied to targeted areas needing increased blood flow, oxygen and detoxification, reducing pain and inflammation in joints and providing more rapid healing of injuries.

Is conventional medicine bad?

The health problems confronting us in the 21st century are different than any other time in human history. Physicians have been thoroughly trained to diagnose and name infectious diseases (which have dramatically decreased during the last century), but they have not been trained to recognize one of the most important threats to our health that we now face: toxic burden.

It is impossible to separate ourselves from our environment. Food additives, air pollution, insecticides, “dirty electricity” (pollution from cell phone towers, wifi, and other electronic devices), residual infections and medications accumulate within the body’s tissue. This toxic accumulation causes our body to function less efficiently.

Many people today are plagued with such diverse symptoms as chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive difficulties, allergies, sinusitis, recurrent infections, etc. These symptoms have become 21st century epidemics, and conventional medicine does not reveal or deal with the underlying causes. Patients may be told that there is nothing wrong with them, or that their problems are psychological. Medications are prescribed that do not cure, but simply provide temporary symptomatic relief. These medications can further weaken an already burdened system. 

There is an Alternative...

More than 70 percent of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances – when no specific tissue or organ damage is identified by conventional lab work or diagnostics, yet the person still has symptoms or just doesn’t feel well.

Functional disturbances can be detected early, even before there are symptoms. This is because a disease does not begin with pathology, but with energetic and regulatory disturbances that occur when we can no longer compensate for changes happening internally or in the environment around us. 


Bio-energetic testing utilizes integrative techniques to effectively identify the underlying causes of chronic degenerative disease. Once these toxins have been identified, they can be safely eliminated from the body with the assistance of natural, biological remedies. Free of these toxic burdens, the various organs and systems are able to heal and regenerate. This is fundamental healing rather than mere suppression of symptoms.

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