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Welcome to Tap Into Life Health

Everything is better when you are healthy!

Then you feel well and have sufficient energy for the life you have planned!
More than 70 percent of patients in any general practice suffer from functional disturbances – when no specific tissue or organ damage is identified by conventional lab work or diagnostics, yet the person still has symptoms or just doesn’t feel well.
Functional disturbances can be detected early, even before there are symptoms. This is because disease does not begin with pathology, but with energetic and regulatory disturbances that occur when we can no longer compensate for changes happening internally or in the environment around us.
The Bio-Energetic technology and the Digestive Health Assessments utilized are developed to get to the root causes of imbalances and disturbances so that they can be corrected early on, enabling the body to heal itself.
The advanced Bio-Energetic technology is based on electro-dermal screening of the energy channels of the body, and provides a custom set of balancing energetic frequencies for each client.
The Digestive Health Assessment is based on the Loomis System developed by Dr. Howard Loomis at the Food Enzyme Institute, and enables detailed assessment of the source of nutritional deficiencies and other symptoms resulting from an inadequate digestive system.

Bio-Energetic Test Equipment

The technology and methodology used are the result of decades of continuous improvement. The body is treated as a whole, the nutritional, emotional, structural, and chemical stresses are identified and the body is supported so that it can heal itself.

The assessments are non-invasive and can be carried out in person, or from a distance.

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Discover how these sophisticated technologies from the emerging fields of energy medicine and food enzymes technology can benefit you and your family!

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. The bio-energetic testing sends signals to the body and receives responses back, which provides information to be used in making recommendations for improving health and for making lifestyle changes. It does not provide a diagnosis of any disease, although it can assist licensed practitioners to arrive at a diagnosis.

In addition to the services offered on this website, Dr. Trudy Phelps is also licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association. Learn more about pastoral health and wellness services at www.pmai.us/psm.